A Mission Plan is a document to guide us in moving forward together. It is not a strict set of directions nor does it answer all problems, but it will be an ever evolving plan for us as God moves through us and the communities we serve.

The Diocese is our churches, our schools, our agencies and our chaplaincies. But they are much more than bricks and mortar, they are communities where God’s Spirit dwells, and they are communities of people that support each other to grow into that which God has made them to be. The Diocese is also comprised of the boarder communities in which we live and work. Our Mission Plan will guide the living out of mission across parishes, schools, agencies, and chaplaincies to support the mission we are all engaged in, and be a source of inspiration for the mission in which they long to be involved.

How you can get involved

Helping us to inform this Mission Plan is as easy as talking, thinking, and praying.


Mission Plan Ambassadors are out and about engaging with parishioners, clergy, schools, agencies, and other key stakeholders in our communities to hear everyone’s views. To find out who your local Ambassador is and get in touch to discuss your thoughts, click the button below.

Talk to an Ambassador


Between July and October we are posing a series of questions for you to contribute to. Click the button below to see this month’s questions.

Answer Some Questions


Please include the Mission Plan and those involved in the process in your prayers.

Come, Holy Spirit!
Give us new confidence in your grace,
new words for the mission we share,
new strength to go where you send us,
new spring in our step, as we set out
to spread our faith in changing times,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Mission Plan Framework and Diocesan values were presented at the 2019 Synod. These documents have now been finalised by the Archbishop’s Mission Plan Working Group and are now available.

Mission 2020+
Mission 2020+ Values Handbook

To assist you and your organisation embracing these values, a template with space for your input is available here. Please get in touch with us should you require any other files and templates.

If you’d like more information on the Mission Plan or get in touch with someone to offer your thoughts, please provide your name and email address here and an Ambassador will be with you shortly.